What is SKC?

Sofa King Cool (SKC) is one of the oldest clans of MTA. We're an international group of people.

What gamemodes are played on SKC servers?

We were born as a RACE clan. After we had a group enjoying DD. Now we also have a DM server .

What's  SKC speciality?

We're one of the strongest clan of all times for Race events/tourneys. In DD and DM we're simply organizated, but never had rewards until now.

How to become a member?

Play with us, DO NOT ASK to join, we only acept people trough invitations, so do not ask to join, if we like you we'll invite you. .

Is SKC a clan only for pro-players?

You can be strong as you want, but if you're an asshole, you will NEVER join our team. We prefer pro players, but 1st require is to be fair, mature and friendly.

How can i get in touch with SKC?

What is TeamSKC Shop?

It´s a place where you can learn a bit more about SKC and find some merchandising about our clan and logos.

What can i buy in TeamSKC shop?

Everything :)

we have a few examples on the Product page but surprise us !! If you have any cool ideas about something you would like to have about SKC just email us and we will make it possible.

How can i buy ?

This site wasn´t created for sales intention but, if we get some real interest we will create a easy pay method. But for now if you want to buy something or create your own product  you need to contact us on our email , that is on the Products page and we will manage it with you from there.

Who will profit if i buy something?

The community ;) , the idea is to be self sufficient and be able to afford dedicated servers

Thank you for visiting us!

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