Why we love what we do


TeamSKC was founded on 26 november 2006.

   Most of the oldest SKC Members were big fans of MTA:SA Race and the homeserver was GTAMP.net, which was one of the most popular servers at the time. Eventually the server was closed due to non-payments of bills and very soon the site followed, we all lost contact, the GTAMP fans were all lost, things weren't looking good for us or the MTA community as a whole, afterall we all lost a great racing server.

   Then Hitman started a website, a server and a clan called 'SofaKingCool' with the goal of reuniting all the old GTAMP players. Soon the site and server were very succesful and the clan gained a lot of skilled members.

   That was the start of TeamSKC. We've grown a lot since then. We've tried other games, mods, new servers... Lots of different ideas and changes to make the community bigger and better. We've been constantly trying out new stuff, gaining new members, improving the site and server. We even tried out an own DD clan and server.

   It hasn't been an easy ride though, we've had our ups and downs. But the most important thing of all is that throughout the years, SKC has always stuck together providing a home for skilled racers and a slightly more mature side of the MTA player community.

   Now, years later, SKC is still a popular clan known for its excellent server, active forums and skilled members.